MCM unveiled new CSV campaign in Hongdae flagship store

MCM unveiled new CSV campaign in Hongdae flagship store


Image: MCM

DIY gone chic: MCM debuted new project and online platform

It's official; MCM has got us charmed. Launching a new CSV (Creating Shared Value) campaign under the MCM Loves initiative, the luxury leather goods brand now allows customers to create their own 'DIY Charm' with recycled materials. The sustainable fashion project is based on the brand's philosophy of 'New School Luxury' where it aims to resolve social issues by creating a more participatory and active relationship between MCM and the brand's fans.


As an MCM representative explains, "The  project offers young people an opportunity to show off their creative ideas. A digital window of communication is also built for them to share their opinions on 'sustainable fashion'. MCM will continue to contribute in finding solutions to a variety of social issues faced by our society today, through effective communication with the millennial generation while keeping on its course to becoming a participatory luxury brand." 


Debuting online on a new platform and at a dedicated workshop space in MCM's Hongdae Flagship Store in Seoul, the DIY Charm-Building Project was co-designed by MCM and the ID+IM Design Laboratory at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology). Led by Professor of Industrial Design Bae Sangmin, a team of researchers invented innovative templates that allow participants to create their own MCM Animal Charms using recycled goods such as leather, fur and other types of hardware. The website not only serves as an open platform for MCM's fans to share their designs but it also invites them to exchange feedback on their DIY Charm designs, promoting diverse creativity. Popular designs among those posted on the website will be on display for sale at MCM‟s workshop-style Hongdae Flagship Store. 

Throughout the campaign period, customers who purchase DIY Animal Charms at the Hongdae Flagship Store will be gifted reusable water bottle with an Animal Charm character illustration and a free drink at the café on the second floor of the store. All profits from the CSV project will be donated to charity.