Levi’s brings back 70s punk rock jeans in the 505C

Levi’s brings back 70s punk rock jeans in the 505C

Staging a comeback

Text: Gwen Ong

Born in 1967, the 505 is remastered for today’s rocking fashionable crowd

Trust Levi's to know how to bring back vintage style in a contemporary way. Based off the vintage 505 jeans, the Levi's 505C is one for the rockers and rebels of today. 

The Levi's 505 jeans first came of age during the Summer of Love in the 70s when pop artists, graffiti writers and rock stars would wear, tear and thrash them for a certain aesthetic look.

Dubbed the 'unofficial stage-jeans', the 505 was iconic in the punk scene with the likes of The Ramones favouring a pair. It had a lived-in, rocked-in timeless fit, much loved for its classic slim silhouette.

In the modernised 505C – which stands for Customised by the way – the designers have customised the straight leg with the perfect slim fit, a dropped waistline while retaining its classic back rise shape that lifts the derriere. 

You can try on a pair of 505C at Levi's stores from August onwards. Prices range from RM219 to RM329. 

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