Father’s Day 2018: 12 Gifts to step up your dad’s style

Father’s Day 2018: 12 Gifts to step up your dad’s style

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Text: Joan Kong

Show your love for the father figures in your life this Father's Day, and give their wardrobe a mini makeover while you're at it

It's that time of the year again; show the dads in your life just how much you appreciate them with our curated list of presents that are as stylish as they are wearable (no pun intended)—it'll be especially handy for your last-minute dash to the mall. Our suggestion? Start off with notice-me pieces such as the Paul Smith bomber jacket, the sweater from Coach or the Versace Chain Reaction sneakers to level up his day-off style, before browsing through the smaller accessories such as the 4G leather belt from Givenchy or a pair of Hugo Boss sunglasses which are fail-proof. For something more practical, take your pick from the exquisite Montblanc cufflinks, Gardenia tie pin from Lanvin, or the Ermenegildo Zelda briefcase which will all be handy for the office. Lastly, if you're looking for something more personalised, the Bottega Veneta tote with stamping lets you profess your love—we bet your dad will carry it around loud and proud too.