Karl Lagerfeld on Chanel's brand ethos and how Paris has changed

Karl Lagerfeld on Chanel's brand ethos and how Paris has changed

The legend speaks

Text: Wei Yeen Loh

Image: CNN Style
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Derek Blasberg of CNN Style chats with the German-born creative director of Chanel in this exclusive interview

Karl Lagerfeld isn't one who you can surmise as predictable, not when it comes to his aesthetic and vision for Chanel. The 82-year old fashion maestro has propelled the quintessential Parisian label to great heights since 1983, and strongly believes in looking forward instead of dwelling in the past for inspiration. Previously working under Pierre Balmain in the '50s, Lagerfeld attests to the change how people look and think of Paris at present: "[Back then] there was no feeling of danger…I mean it was very French in the sense that it looked like an old French movie. I have the feeling I live in a world that no longer exists," he says. "In Italy the spirit hasn't changed much, especially in Florence, but Paris and France has changed. But in a way, Paris is still the best place to show fashion."

CNN Style presenter Derek Blasberg caught Lagerfeld before Chanel's Autumn/Winter 2016 Haute Couture show in a rare interview to discuss the designer's inspiration for fashion and the importance of remaining constant in an ever-changing world. 


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