LFW SS16: Margaret Howell

LFW SS16: Margaret Howell

Easy on the eye

Margaret Howell is like meat and three veg, but in the best way possible

Margaret Howell's vision is like a Sunday roast: you know exactly what to expect but it's always deeply satisfying. Quality ingredients cooked simply with love, care and attention; no desperate cries for attention with gimmicky foams or doodads. Button-up shirts, tailored pants and effortless shirt dresses all with a slight workwear bend. Functional and safe, yes, but beautiful in its own right.

The show opened with looks in black, white and red: the first tones a baby is actually able to distinguish due to their high contrast. It's the best method to promote visual stimulation in infants, and while most, if not all of Howell's audience were above legal drinking age, the method worked a treat. Later, subtle shots of ecru, brown and a pale chartreuse added the right break to the minimal colour palette. Howell's modus operandi rarely strays from its path but when life offers enough of its own uncertainty, her steadfastness is a wonderful thing.