Pisces season 2020: Swim in sensuality with these seductive buys

Pisces season 2020: Swim in sensuality with these seductive buys

Just keep swimming

Text: Stephanie Boey

Collage: Calleigh Yap

People born in this zodiac sign are said to be the most sensual beings. Embrace your seductive side with our edit of the most stylish buys.

Ah, the sensuos fish of the horoscope. People born in this zodiac are often said to be dreamers and swim heavily into their own thoughts and are subject to romanticism. The Pisces fish is the last zodiac in the horoscope, and legend has it that this means they have the potential to possess all characteristic of the signs before it.

Popular opinion suggests that the Pisces have a mystical quality about them and combine that with their natural empathy and the fact that they are a water sign, translate all these ideas to a fashion standpoint and you'll get high-key sensuality ie. sex appeal for days.

It's no surprise that cool blue is the fish's colour of choice but perhaps for 2020, the natural femme fatale could go for another cool-toned hue. Try mint green for a change with Jacquemus' side-gathered dress that will highlight your curves. Accessorise with a gold-plated puka shell bracelet by Tohum and a statement pearlescent clutch from Cult Gaia to channel your inner mermaid.

As for the Pisces man, Coach's belt bag in metallic blue will surely steal the limelight. Embellished with a retro graphic, this belt bag is equal parts polished and downtown cool. Speaking of cool, trust in cult jewellery brand Ambush for a solid set of bling. The chain link necklace in gold-tone silver is engraved with Traditional Chinese inscriptions, and according to our in-house translator (Buro's Marketing Head, Steven), one of the characters directly translates into ‘dream', which is literally the Pisces' favourite thing to do.


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