Most fashionable Brazilians and their gold medal-worthy style

Most fashionable Brazilians and their gold medal-worthy style

Olá, fashionista

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In conjunction with the Rio Olympics 2016, we’ve listed five of the most stylish people from the South American nation

Mention "Brazil" and the two things that instantly come to mind are football, and extremely attractive inhabitants. With an average temperature of 27°C, one would think that the standard uniform in the land of the Amazons are cotton dresses, denim cut-offs and possibly bikinis, but of course, that's not the case. In fact, not even close. With the Olympics kicking off in just four days, we shine the spotlight on some of Brazil's well-dressed (and beautiful) women who are way ahead of the style game; from an entrepreneur and a fashion editor to a digital influencer and street style star - some girls do have it all. 

Anna Fasano

A famous last name in Brazil, Anna Fasano is heiress to the Fasano Group Hotel. Describing herself as a fashion and photo lover, this socialite not only posts high quality pictures of dreamy holiday destinations (beaches, natural landscapes, you name it), her Instagram is also a great go-to for fashion inspiration, whether it's casual-chic outfits or her effortless vacation style. 


Camila Coutinho

When Camila Coutinho created her blog on an insomnia night, little did she know that Garotas Estupidas (loosely translated as stupid girls) was going to be one of the most-read blogs in Brazil. Contrary to the tongue-in-cheek title, the website is serious about fashion, beauty and  lifestyle; sharing useful tips, OOTDs and even trend stories. In addition to creating creative content on YouTube, this brunette beauty recently revealed to her 2 million followers on Instagram that she's been signed to renowned talent agency, The Society Management


Marina Larroude

Hailing from Araçatuba and São Paulo, Marina Larroude started her career as a contributing editor for Vogue Brasil. Since then, she has gone on to be the style director at and currently, fashion director at While she may be now based in New York, Marina is still very much attracted to Brazilian aesthetics, which explains her love for resort and summer pieces. 


Helena Bordon

It's no surprise that Helena Bordon is a street style star. The daughter of Donata Meirelles, former international director of the São Paulo boutique, Daslu and current style director of Vogue Brasil, this Paulista (a São Paulo resident) practically attended Fashion Week even before middle school. Always keeping it fresh with a fun twist, Helena likes to incorporate bright pops of colour and punchy prints into her ensembles. The 29-year old socialite also co-owns Brazilian fast-fashion label, 284


Thássia Naves

With over 2.4 million followers on Instagram, Thássia Naves is indisputably an Insta-style star. Whether it's a strategically-placed It-bag in her flatlay or impeccable #OOTDs, each photo is more aesthetically-pleasing than the next. The fashion blogger often sticks to her roots by adding Brazilian references to her looks, whether they are exuberant colours or skin-flaunting silhouettes. With a published book, Look Thassia Naves and several fashion editorial spreads under her belt (designer, nonetheless), this brand ambassador is a front row regular and street style photographer's favourite at Fashion Week.


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