Exclusive: The second wave of Louis Vuitton's #MakeAPromise, starring Dato' Nicol David

Exclusive: The second wave of Louis Vuitton's #MakeAPromise, starring Dato' Nicol David

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Text: Wei Yeen Loh

Louis Vuitton's second wave of its #MakeAPromise campaign sees Dato' Nicol David with five top international squash players in tow

As part of the second wave of Louis Vuitton and UNICEF's pledge to make the world a better place for children in need, Dato' Nicol David is once again the star of this campaign, but this time with the support of five top international squash players from four different continents. In conjunction with the national challenge in the SRAM Women's Squash Invitational Tournament 2016 that Dato' Nicol David will be spearheading from July 27-31, these five players including Delia Arnold, Omneya Abdel Kawy, Joelle King, Joshna Chinappa and Jenny Duncalf star in Louis Vuitton's campaign that aims to provide children with essential protection, healthcare, safe water, nutrition and education in partnership with UNICEF.


"At the beginning, this was an initiative that was similar with what I've done for United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) which I am a Goodwill Ambassador for. It's nice to see how the collaboration with Louis Vuitton is a great way to reach out to underprivileged kids who need support. Hopefully we can create more awareness with this #MakeAPromise campaign, and especially with this second round that features these top international players who are in town for one week," says David. "We thought it would be a good idea to have these squash players from four different countries (Egypt, New Zealand, England and India) in this photoshoot. It's really exciting to be associated with this campaign, and at the same time, having support from fellow top squash players."

"I don't think any of us [players] are used to doing something like this—taking off our sweaty sportswear and having hair and makeup done, I think I barely recognise myself!" says King, World No. 9 from New Zealand. "But we're doing it for a good cause and it's great to hang out together and not competing against each other. Doing something fun and girly like this is always nice, so we're all feeling quite pampered today."


The first wave of Louis Vuitton and UNICEF's campaign featured Dato' Nicol David and former Miss Universe Malaysia Deborah Henry showing off the Silver Lockit bracelet and pendant—$200 from each sale of the bracelet or pendant will be donated to UNICEF.  


Photographer: Colin Wee

Stylist: Cho Wee Chee

Hair: Kay Tuan / Centro Hair Salon

Makeup: Siew Ching and Make Up Forever


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