Levi’s 711 jeans are our new skinny love

Levi’s 711 jeans are our new skinny love

What's the skinny?

Text: Wei Yeen Loh

Buro’s fashion writers tried out this season's Levi's 711 upgraded jeans range together, and the result is twice as nice.

Who says skinny jeans won't see a comeback this 2016 hasn't seen what Levi's 711 has to offer. If you thought that the skinny silhouette will always channel more of a #throwback vibe than contemporary street aesthetic, the new Levi's 711 Skinny is all about flattering the female form while upping your style game. 

Levi’s 711 jeans are our new skinny love (фото 1)
This lineup gets a revamp in Italian stretch selvedge denim with soft Tencel (a crease-resistant, stretchable and sustainable fabric that's durable to boot) along with a range of chic finishes from classic to vintage inspired. If you wonder how this modern essential should be incorporated into your lifestyle, we make a case for the skinny over the boyfriend (jean) with a multitude of ways to wear it this holiday season:

Jasmine Leong, Senior Fashion Writer:

Describe your body type: "I'm an hourglass but not the Marilyn Monroe or Scarlett Johansson version. I just have shoulders and hips that are in proportion to each other."


What type of jeans do you usually buy? "I usually opt for a high-waist with plenty of stretch—usually in an ankle-cropped style to show off my shoes.  Either that, or a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans."


What are your thoughts on the 711 Skinny? "While it has been years since I last wore skinny jeans, I honestly can't remember them being this comfortable. These mid-rise jeans are ultra flattering as they sit just below the curve of my waist, and are moderately stretchy—in other words: good news for the tummy post-meals."


Your favourite 711 Skinny jeans: "The pair which stole my heart was, well, 'Goodbye Heart'. How apt. They are light-washed with low-key rips, bringing a laidback, tomboy attitude. The length was too long, so I opted to cuff them to give my outfits a cool, nonchalant touch."


How are you going to style your new 711 pair? "I like the idea of juxtaposition: I would pair the 711 skinny jeans with girlie pieces like bell sleeve tops or peasant blouses, or a button-up shirt and long blazer for a semi-casual finish." 


Loh Wei Yeen, Fashion & Beauty Writer:

Describe your body type: "I'm on the leaner side that's kind of in between curvy and skinny."


What type of jeans do you usually buy? "I love all sorts of boyfriend jeans, or high-waist jeggings just so I can breathe (and stretch) after a huge meal."


What are your thoughts on the 711 Skinny? "The silhouette is quite flattering—it actually makes me look curvier than I'd expected. It sits low on the waist but isn't tummy-pinching like how some skinny jeans are. It's pretty stretchy as well, which makes it easier to wear throughout the day."


Your favourite 711 Skinny jeans: "Appropriately named 'Still Dreamin'—I'm crushing on the darker finish that goes well with almost every colour in my closet."


How are you going to style your new 711 pair? "Anything goes with this pair, especially tops with voluminous silhouettes or details such as pleats. Even a casual tee and denim jacket might give it a street style worthy touch."


Levi's 711 Skinny jeans are now available at all Levi's stores 



Styling: Jasmine Leong

Photographer: YS Ting

Location: Whup Whup, 12, Jalan SS13/3B, Subang Jaya  

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