How to get Jisoo’s off-duty look in your wardrobe

How to get Jisoo’s off-duty look in your wardrobe


Text: Natalia Chow

Editor: Rachel Au

Image: Jisoo's Instagram @sooyaa__

While Blackpink has taken the K-pop world by storm with their cool girl edge, catchy beats and dance moves, each of the members have a distinct fashion style too. This round, we'll focusing on Jisoo and her effortless off-duty looks—and how you can emulate them too

When Jisoo isn't singing/dancing her heart out as one of the members of Blackpink, she can be seen dressed in outfits that are the envy of many. Undoubtedly stylish, one would think how does she make fashion look so easy? Her elegant, feminine look comes off naturally and we're going to show you some simple steps to pull off Jisoo's off-duty look. Here are 10 key items you're going to need in your wardrobe.

 1. Anything with stripes

As we scoured the many pictures off Jisoo's Instagram or candid paparazzi shots, one thing we noticed is her undeniable love for striped clothing, be it a jumper, dress or shirt. She has been spotted wearing stripes on multiple occasions so it's safe to say that it's quintessentially a style of Jisoo's!


2. Blue jeans

Jeans may seem like a given in anyone's wardrobe but if you want to mirror Jisoo's style, a good pair of, specifically, light blue jeans will do the trick. Her effortless outfits are always achieved and finished off by a trusty pair of jeans. 


3. Buttoned dresses

A buttoned dress—that's all you need to achieve that natural, girly look we mentioned earlier. Yes, make sure there are buttons on it because, like stripes, buttons are a notable detail in Jisoo's dresses. 


4. Oversized knitted sweater

You might be thinking that knitted sweaters are only reserved for winter but don't let that stop you. A cardigan, for example, could be a more heat-sensitive alternative or opt for lighter materials. Jisoo pairs them really well, showing that the oversized nature of said sweater makes it a versatile item in your wardrobe. Pair it with trousers for an evening out, a T-shirt dress for a casual day out, or a tutu skirt for a more fancy look.


5. Buttoned-up shirts

Yes, buttons. Besides having them on dresses, a Jisoo's wardrobe classic is a buttoned-up shirt. Spotted on multiple occasions, Jisoo's love for the elegant, timeless and more conservative type of shirt is usually worn with casual grace. It's easy for you to model with the same vibes too with this item!


6. White sneakers

Raise your hands if you love white sneakers as much as Jisoo does! Not only is it a staple in most wardrobes like Jisoo's, but it easily gives off that effortless feel to any outfit—just like in most of Jisoo's off-duty looks. 


7. A Dior bag, of course

As Dior’s global ambassador, it's no surprise that Jisoo is always spotted with a Dior bag. It adds a touch of luxury to even the most casual of fits while also showcasing how versatile and a classic investment a Dior bag is. 


8. Matching tracksuit

It may seem counterintuitive for a matching tracksuit to be linked with a feminine and elegant style but Jisoo pulls it off nonetheless. It's comfortable and easy to throw on when it's a lazy day (#WFH). 


9. Hats off—or rather, on

Take it from Jisoo; hats add a little spice to the simplest outfit, which is something she has mastered. Bonus: It's a great hack when you're having a bad hair day. Anyone can rock a hat as long as you find one that suits you.


10. Anything with tartan patterns

Jisoo seems to have a liking for patterns. Stripes aside, her next favourite print is probably tartan as she has been spotted wearing a lot of it in all forms, ranging from shirts to dresses to pants. Not to mention, it's a very trendy pattern right now.


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