This week in... what your favourite Korean celebrities and idols are wearing

This week in... what your favourite Korean celebrities and idols are wearing

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Text: Natalia Chow

Editor: Rachel Au

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With nowhere to dress up for and nowhere to see fashion inspo IRL, why not check out what looks your favourite Korean celebrities and idols have served up this week?
This week in... what your favourite Korean celebrities and idols are wearing (фото 1)

Jennie, Blackpink

It comes as no surprise that Blackpink's Jennie would make the list. This week, she rocked a Chanel playsuit that was equal parts elegant, chic and feminine. She paired it with a simple pair of black heels and a low ponytail, thus letting the playsuit be the focus of the look. Less really is more, sometimes!

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Kim Soo-Hyun

Known for his role in It's Okay to Not Be Okay, the South Korean actor posed in a casual fit this week on his Instagram: A pale pink windbreaker that was paired with black pants and a pair of Nike sneakers. The simplicity and casual nature of the fit make it an easy one to copy! Not to mention, it's a look that anyone would look good in!

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Bae Suzy

Singer, actress and model Bae Suzy has also given us a look that we can easily emulate. Creating the perfect balance of casual luxury, Suzy posed on her Instagram, wearing a pair of black wide leg trousers and a grey knit blouse, as well as a black Lady Dior bag and a pair of chunky Dior sneakers.


Jung Yong Hwa

Singer and actor Jung Yong Hwa shared a snapshot from K-Con via his Instagram and was spotted wearing a green polka dot satin shirt that matched with a pair of army green trousers. One thing we can learn from his look is the mastery of colour matching—you can never be wearing "too much" of a single colour.


Tiffany Young

Tiffany was seen happily posing at a Korean news centre on her Instagram this week. More than just sharing a moment, she is pictured wearing a super chic yet simple fit for the occasion; a black blazer paired with a gold buckle belt and what looks like a black dress underneath. Check out the smaller details of the rest of her look: red nail polish and dainty jewellery such as her ring and earrings.


Cha Eun-woo

Clearly, Cha Eun-woo and Harry Styles could easily swap wardrobes, based on the Korean star's recent Instagram post. Here, he's seen wearing a baby blue satin shirt with an asymmetrical collar that's paired with a pair of white trousers.



Representing that Y2K look that Gen Zs often love, Taeyeon recently opted for a baby tee in salmon pink and the word 'paradise' embellished with rhinestone, a white baby tee beneath that, and pink trousers. She finished off the look with fuzzy arm warmers and a white snapback hat. 


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