These are the best eyewear to get for every face shape

These are the best eyewear to get for every face shape

Face-flattering frames

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Not sure what type of frames suit your face? Here’s your guide to choosing the perfect sunnies and specs to suit your face shape

Sunnies are great for a few reasons: they help us see better, they protect our precious peepers from the sun, and they instantly add that cool factor while lending an air of mystery to the wearer (said air of mystery could sometimes be an unwarranted hangover). This season, we're seeing all kinds of hot-right-now eyewear trends—from angular shapes to embellished frames—but before you hop on the bandwagon, take note: one frame does NOT flatter all faces. To help you find the best frames for your face shape, we've rounded up a little guide plus stylish recommendations that will put your best features forward.



Since the width and length of your face are pretty much the same (sans any prominent angles), you'll need to offset the roundness by going for geometric shapes, especially those with rectangular or square silhouettes. A cat-eye, wayfarer (Ray-Bans are your BFF) or even browline frame would help define your features. PS: Avoid circular frames at all costs!

Try these:



If you have a broad forehead and a strong jawline like Margot Robbie, reach for rounded sunglasses and avoid boxy frames that won't do you any favours. Just like how square frames help balance out a round face, circular frames will balance out a square face. Curvier sunglasses with rounded corners like the one from Emporio Armani will not only complement your face but also soften your chiseled features.

Try these:



Lucky you—you have a well-proportioned face (just like Bella Hadid) that works well with most eyewear styles; meaning you can pull off almost anything, including those chic triangular frames from Burberry! One thing to take note of? Try to match the size of your frames to the width of your face. Proportion is the key here. Anything too wide is a no-go.

Try these:



Like Cara Delevingne, the outline of your face is akin to an inverted triangle, with a much narrower chin compared to your wider forehead. However, instead of trying to offset your angles, opt for frames that mimic your face shape, such as aviators. The key here is to pick sunnies that are wider on top than they are at the bottom. Frames with sharp corners are also recommended. Stay away from oversized shades unless you're trying to replicate a bug.

Try these:



For an oblong face shape where the length is longer than the width, a wide pair of sunglasses with concise lines (like the butterfly frames from Coach) will sharpen your features. Like your square-faced friends, you too can opt for rounder frames as well as wayfarers but avoid frames that are too tiny since they'll only exaggerate the length of your face. Pro tip: always choose wide frames that are greater in height than in width.

Try these:



Similar to an oval face shape but with more angular features (like a narrower forehead and chin but wider at your cheeks), you're also one who can rock most sunglasses and spectacles—be it tiny circular John Lennon frames, oversized sunnies a la the Olsen twins or even a hipster hexagon style. Just one note: steer clear of frames that are wider than your cheekbones—this will widen the widest point of your face while diminishing your already delicate chin and forehead.

Try these:


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