6 Local footwear brands to shop for your 'kasut Raya'

6 Local footwear brands to shop for your 'kasut Raya'

Raya kicks

Text: Kelly Lim Stephanie Boey

It's never too early to start shopping for Raya! #SupportLocal in a pair of comfortable yet stylish footwear that'll last you all-year round

The trick to wearing the right pair of shoes during the festive season of Hari Raya is to find one that you can easily slip in and out off while you do your 'rumah terbuka' rounds. Fidgeting with straps, laces, buckles and zips is the last thing you want to do when you're at the tenth house on your list. Let's not forget you're most likely in your formal wear or baju kurung, so reaching down to undo your shoes will be an added struggle.

Looking to cop a new pair of kicks in time for this year's Raya? Below, six local footwear brands to shop from to get your 'kasut Raya' fix: 


Made with "animal-friendly leather", Kulet's selection of neutral-toned slip in heels and sandals make the perfect Raya addition. They can be paired with literally any colour, and the no-fuss slip in designs are easy to wear, too and can be worn for both festive and everyday occasions.

Nelissa Hilman

Women-led brand Nelissa Hilman has always been a go-to for pretty, responsibly-sourced designs that range from strappy mules to slingback sandals and monochromatic block heels that bring a modern twist. While they haven't announced whether a new collection will be dropping for Raya, there's plenty of versatile pieces available to shop on their website, including the new Aurora range, featuring chunky open toed heels and flats in neutral tones. 

Nazifi Nasri

Nazifi Nasri is known for crafting men's footwear, but has since ventured into womens as of 2019. TBH, we wouldn't mind slipping into his popular backless loafers—we're all for gender-neutral attire! They're so sought after that he takes these orders in batches. Stay tuned because it looks like the brand is dropping an exciting collection for Raya at the end of the month.

Yoke & Theam

Founded by two sisters whose family business specialised in shoes, Yoke & Theam is built on decades of heritage and legacy, appropriated for the modern wearer. The brand first started with heeled sandals for women, but have since gone into new territory with rugged and more masculine silhouettes for men. Every aspect of Yoke & Theam's shoes are locally sourced, from the leather to the rubber soles, so buying a pair means you're supporting the local industry!

Nose International

Founded by Malaysians Edward and Sue, Nose International has been delivering comfortable, handcrafted footwear that's simple yet statement-making since 1997. There's definitely something for everyone––their offerings range from studded platform wedges and strappy sandals to printed slides and more. 

Shoes Shoes Shoes

Would you like to own a style as impeccable as the founder, Ung Yiu Lin? Good news: You can come very close if you shop from the store's trendy selections. Up your style game this coming Raya by putting your best foot forward in a wide array of heel styles and heights. More good news: We hear they're having a sale.

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