Face mask chains are now a thing—here are 12 brands to get yours from

Face mask chains are now a thing—here are 12 brands to get yours from

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Text: Joan Kong

The latest accessory on our radar is more practical than you think

Let’s face it—we saw this coming. With the slew of luxury brands hopping on the face mask (and recently, face shield) bandwagon, it’s only a matter of time before they expand their offerings to include accessories that’ll jazz up the everyday item.

Essentially a sunglasses chain, if you couldn’t see yourself donning the “grandma” trend a year before (we can push our glasses on top of our head, anyway), the chain’s functional aspect this round will change your mind. Imagine this: When you remove your mask during a meal, the last thing you should do is to stuff it in your germ-laden handbag, or even worse—misplacing it and not having a spare one with you. With a chain in place, you can keep your mask within reach by letting it hang around your neck.

Practicality aside, style-wise, the chains add a cool vibe to your overall look. All you need to do? Cinch the clips onto your mask’s ear loops, and let it drape below your chin or at the back of your shoulder. If you’re not feeling it, you can even wear it solely as a necklace too.

From boho beads to pretty pearls to utilitarian chains, shop from our favourite picks below:

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