Watch: This year's National Day ads

Watch: This year's National Day ads


Text: Su Fen Tan

Happy National Day 2016

There have been many, many memorable Merdeka commercials over the years. You could say it is a tradition of a sort, the good kind. Some of these ads inject humour, some with an element of drama, and some capture our hearts with a moving story; whatever it is, they share the same message - that we are all Malaysians, and our lives inevitably intertwine at one point or another, regardless of race, religion and background.


Here are four commercials that were released in conjunction with this year's Hari Merdeka. The first is a gentle reminder of that we've always been together, and to always #takecare of people around us; the second ad preaches the importance of patience and tolerance; the third one grants an elderly kite maker his simple desire of seeing what his Wau sees; and the last video shows how breadmaker from Slim River Mokhtar Ahmad connects with his fellow Malaysians in his day-to-day life.


Watch them here:

1. Petronas

"We've always been together, looking after one another. #TakeCare"


2. Digi

"Because we can be happy, and that can only happen when you reach out to others."


3. Maxis

"My dream has become a reality, it's moments like this that defines me."



"Malaysia is unique. I am unique, too. #KitaMalaysia"


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