Lessons learnt from this year's Hari Raya ads

Lessons learnt from this year's Hari Raya ads

Golden lessons

Text: Su Fen Tan

Sometimes humorous, and oftentimes heartwarming, Hari Raya advertisements usually come with a lesson or two to be learnt too. Here are some we picked up from this year's crop:

Having the whole family under one roof can be a little overwhelming sometimes, but a little tolerance goes a long way. Also, there's nothing quite like the tradition of a big family gathering in the kampung. — Rumah Epik Fantastik by Tenaga Nasional

Pack the lights, don't wear them! Jokes aside, Petronas stresses on the importance of family during the festive season in Misi Riuh Raya. — Misi Riuh Raya by Petronas

Based on the true story of former national footballer and current Felda FC coach Nidam Jamil, #Nawaitu is a reminder that acceptance comes with forgiveness, and all good things begin with good intention. — #Nawaitu by Digi

"The root of understanding is bitter, but its fruit is sweet".  Don't let petty things get in the way of solidarity. — Tanam Cempedak Tumbuh Nangka by CIMB

Setia di Sampingmu tells the story of the samping, a Malay traditional garment, and how sometimes, life isn't complete without a pair of helping hands. — Setia di Sampingmu by SP Setia

Oppo reminds us to always lend a helping hand when we can, because no matter how small, every good deed brings about change. — Setulus Kasih di Sisimu by Oppo