Tod’s brings new life to the Colosseum in restoration

Tod’s brings new life to the Colosseum in restoration

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Text: Gwen Ong

Image: Tod's

The US$33 million project is one of the most expensive restoration works around

Since taking up the epic restoration project five years ago, Diego Della Valle, CEO of Tod's has announced that the company has completed phase one of the Colosseum's restoration. 

The iconic building built around 70-80 A.D. may have stood the test of time but it was badly in need of repair. At the request of the government commissioner for Rome's archaeological areas and Ancient Ostia, Tod's joined hands with the superintendent for Rome's Archaeological Heritage for an "intervention plan".  

Tod's completion of phase one works included the cleaning of the northern and southern facades, replacing damaged mortar in 31 archways and replacing the arch enclosure system with brand-new gates.

In the next phase of the restoration, the works will focus on the Colosseum's underground vaults and passageways.

See the extensive work in the video below.

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