Pokémon Go: 7 Places in Malaysia we’ll go catch them all

Pokémon Go: 7 Places in Malaysia we’ll go catch them all

Challenge accepted!

Text: Gwen Ong

So, do you have what it takes to be a Pokémon trainer?

A new phenomenon by the name of Pokémon Go is gripping the world. The new GPS-based game have gotten a number of players into road mishaps, caught out in the wild and one even fired from his job. If you're really clueless about the PokéMania, the augmented reality mobile game lets you go on a hunt to capture the Pokémon characters around many places of interests including historic buildings, public parks, riverbanks and more.

In anticipation of its release in Asia, here are a few places in Malaysia that we would gladly go hunt down Pikachu if we're lucky and discover new interesting sights along the way. In case you're wondering, there are some 151 Pokémon in the Pokédex encyclopaedia!


With the park and mall located within walking distance of each other, we can do both exercise and shopping at the same time while catching the elusive beings around here.

Georgetown, Penang

Pro tip – With the many quaint streets lining this city, these little monsters could also be masking as part of the famous murals.

Ipoh Old Town, Perak

Don't be fooled by the city's old world charm, we're pretty sure a Caterpie or Weedle is just around the corner from Funny Mountain.

Jonker Walk, Melaka

No way you can find anything in the crowded street lined with great food? You might just see a Pokémon if you follow the PokéStop to the Stadthuys.

Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque, Johor

This makes another great PokéStop set against the beautiful architecture of the mosque that combines Victoria and Moorish styles with a touch of Malay culture.

Pulau Redang, Terengganu

A water Pokémon such as the Magikarp could just be lurking here but please mind your steps and don't just walk right into the clear blue waters.

National Park, Pahang

As the first and oldest protected area in Malaysia, we think this is a great place to level up with a wild Pokémon or two. Jigglypuff favours the greenery apparently!


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