Listen to Sir Paul Smith's 6AM playlist

Listen to Sir Paul Smith's 6AM playlist

A tailor-made playlist

Paul guides us through his record collection as he curates a trio of playlists for Apple Music while exploring the role music plays in his creative process

Paul Smith has been an indispensable spot of colour in the world of traditional British tailoring for over 40 years. The mischief, wit and soul that he injects into the borderline clinical quality of classical tailoring have revolutionized the menswear industry in more ways than one.

In his latest creative collaboration with Apple Music, we are taken on a stroll into the mind of the genius through three themed playlists that he has personally curated. Each playlist explores one particular aspect of Paul's relationship with music.


"From the album artwork to the friendships I've built over the years with musicians, it's all a part of my creative process", says Paul.


#1: Around the World in 20 Tracks

"...They remind me of all my years spent travelling around the world ...gradually growing my business from just a little shop in Nottingham, England to selling in more than seventy different countries.

I have lots of personal connections with people on the playlist. From Van Morrison who bought my house from me, to Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Page who I recently collaborated with, to Bowie and Patti who have been good friends throughout my life."

#2: From Herbie to Holiday

"I have brilliant memories of listening to incredible jazz when I was young in tiny venues all over the country and I feel very privileged to have seen a lot of these artists in the flesh. Listening back ...everything always comes flooding back.

At 6AM when I get into the studio, I put these records in when no-one else is around".

#3: Something old, something new...

"Tracks 1 to 5 are old classics you can't go wrong with.

Tracks 6 to 10 are all from newer acts that I've been listening to lately.

Tracks 11 to 15 I've borrowed from recent catwalk show soundtracks.

The last five are my something blue, all of them are amazing blues tracks that I've always loved".


Paul Smith's playlist is available from August 8th exclusively on Apple Music.


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