Karl Lagerfeld goes from fashion to art with his sculptural debut

Karl Lagerfeld goes from fashion to art with his sculptural debut


Text: Gwen Ong

Image: Carpenters Workshop Gallery

There is no stopping the creative designer as he showcases his latest project in an exhibition titled ‘Architectures’


For most of us, being 85 years old is a good enough excuse to sit back and enjoy our twilight years. Well, Karl Lagerfeld is unlike most of us. On top being the creative designer of Chanel and Fendi, photographer and illustrator, Lagerfeld has just added another feather to his long list of credentials as a sculptor. His exhibition, Architectures is set to open at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery in Paris and features eight original sculptures. 




The works are crafted out of two rare types of marble—Arabescato Fantastico, which is a white variant with dark grey veins; and Nero Maquina, which is a black variant with brush-stroke white veins. Yes, his signature black-and-white lives on in the functional sculptures, which are inspired by the Antiquity period – a time that he is particularly fond of for its beauty, culture and modernity. Architect Aline Asmar and a group of Italian artisans were brought together to sculpt his vision to reality.


'Architectures' will be on display from 19 October to 22 December at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery.