Arundhati Roy to publish second novel, 20 years after ‘The God of Small Things’

Arundhati Roy to publish second novel, 20 years after ‘The God of Small Things’

Long time coming

Text: Su Fen Tan

Image: Getty Images

Nearly two decades after the release of her Booker Prize-winning novel, ‘The God of Small Things’, Arundhati Roy announces her second work of fiction

54-year-old Roy is one of India's most well-known authors and a fearless political activist. She has published a number of social causes-focussed non-fiction work as well as articles and essays after The God of Small Things (1997), but this will be her first long-form fiction work in 20 years. Her second novel, called The Ministry of Utmost Happiness, will be published in June 2017.


"I am glad to report that the mad souls (even the wicked ones) in The Ministry of Utmost Happiness have found a way into the world, and that I have found my publishers," Roy said in a statement to the press.


Simon Porsser and Meru Gokhale from publishers Hamish Hamilton and Penguin said: "To publish this book is both a pleasure and an honour. The writing is extraordinary, and so too are the characters—brought to life with such generosity and empathy, in language of the utmost freshness, joyfully reminding us that words are alive too, that they wake us up and lend us new ways of seeing, feeling, hearing, engaging. It makes the novel new—in the original meaning of novel." 


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