Catch the Andy Warhol: Social Circus exhibition at Slate @ The Row

Catch the Andy Warhol: Social Circus exhibition at Slate @ The Row

Campbell soup in Kayelle, woop!

Following a successful run in Singapore, the Andy Warhol: Social Circus exhibition has arrived on our shores

Housed at Slate @ The Row, Andy Warhol: Social Circus presents a collection of close to 50 pivotal artworks from Warhol's illustrious career and legacy from 3 September to 18 September 2016. This makes it the largest Andy Warhol exhibition to grace our country in recent times.

Visitors will be granted free admission to over two floors of immersive displays with various facets to explore.

The journey begins with a line up of original Polaroids taken by Andy Warhol himself. In a time before Photoshop, the nature of over-exposed Polaroids created a perfecting effect that could rival the best beauty cams of today. Be sure to look out for the portrait of the stunning Bianca Jagger (Mick Jagger's wife at that time) and even a self-portrait of Warhol in his trademark silver wig and black shades (we may have found the man who pioneered the 'selfie').

The style that has become synonymous to the artist and an entire art movement, Warhol's graphic silkscreens that scream Pop Art are proudly hung for up-close admiration. Highlights include originals of Saint Apollonia and Chairman Mao Zedong. Accompanying those are exemplary reprints of Marilyn Monroe and Warhol's Flowers series by appropriation artist, Sunday B.

If walls of art can only hold your attention for so long, fret not. Andy Warhol: Social Circus is designed to take you into the world of the celebrated artist through installations that you have to engage to experience. Behold, a room of Silver Clouds and the infamous Red Sofa.

The room filled with shiny metallic helium-filled foil balloons pays tribute to Warhol's Silver Clouds—an attempt to float his boredom away by releasing silver pillow-shaped balloons into the air. The Red Sofa, on the other hand, is a replica of the couch which saw too many drunken nights and derrières of Warhol's guests amidst film screenings, musical performances, and photo shoots.

The exhibition is brought to us by The Ryan Foundation. According to Founding Director, Ryan Su, "The choice to bring to show to Asia was a natural one. People, especially young people, are now exposed to the life and work of Andy Warhol through Instagram, Facebook and the internet, but there is a dearth of institutions and collections in Asia where they can see Warhol's art up close and personal. We fill that void and hope to enthuse visitors about art when they see the touring show. The travelling show is designed as an "Instagram paradise" and this is one art exhibition where photography is encouraged. I expect visitors to have fun at the show."

"It is amazing that Warhol's work is still relevant today," he muses, in closing. Editions of this exhibition are slated t be held in Seoul, South Korea and thereafter, in Bangkok, Thailand.


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