Watch now: Meet Tri.Be, Universal Music Group Korea’s first K-Pop idol group

Watch now: Meet Tri.Be, Universal Music Group Korea’s first K-Pop idol group

'Girl swag'

Zakwan Taufiq

Text: Rachel Au

Image: Universal Music Malaysia

With catchy hits like 'Doom Doom Ta' and 'Rub-A-Dum', Tri.Be is set to charm the hearts of K-pop fans

The world of K-pop is the gift that keeps on giving, and Universal Music Group Korea is part of the reason why. Tri.Be is the label's first K-pop idol group and, in its own right, a first-of-its-kind quadrilingual group. There are seven members: SongSun, JinHa, HyunBin from Seoul, Kelly and Jia from Taipei, and Mire from Tokyo. Together, they speak and sing in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

The group made its debut earlier this year in February with their first single album Tri.Be Da Loca, which has garnered over five million streams. Their energy is infectious—evident from the get-go with the lead single 'Doom Doom Ta', which was produced by S.Tiger, one of the best K-pop producers in the business. S.Tiger's credentials include working with Beast, IU, 4Minute, HyunA and EXID. Despite its vague name, 'Doom Doom Ta' is more than just a great dance song. It's also about self-empowerment and confidence.

These two themes are no coincidence. The name 'Tri.Be' is actually a combination of the words 'triangle' and 'being'. 'Triangle', because it signifies the most perfect shape, and so, add that with 'being', and it ties back to their slogan: "We are perfect as we are." Using the concept of 'Girl Swag', Tri.Be is all about unapologetically loving yourself and emitting that confidence with pride.

We had a quick chat with the girls from Tri.Be to find out what else sets the group apart from other K-pop idol groups, their first impressions of each other and more. Watch the video to find out!

The girls recently released their second single album Conmigo, featuring singles 'Rub-A-Dum' and 'Loro'. Listen to it here.