Listen: Hunny Madu ft. Radio3000’s brand new track, ‘Get Money’

Listen: Hunny Madu ft. Radio3000’s brand new track, ‘Get Money’

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Text: Su Fen Tan

Your new go-to track to get you through hump week

It's Friday! And Hunny Madu has dropped just the track to accompany the Friday hustle before we welcome the weekend. (We first heard a snippet of this song on #BuroJams last year!) A collaboration with American rap star Radio3000, 'Get Money' is the new hustler's anthem with an infectious beat and catchy power verses that echoes the materialistic struggle of ordinary working heroes.


"It's not a flashy song saying 'Look at what I have, look at how much money I make', but it's more about ' Look, I'm here, you're here. Let's all get money together," says Hunny. "I'm all about chasing happiness and loving what I do for work, but realistically, money matters and we gotta get it." Radio3000 adds: "I feel like we're both artists on the rise and we're beyond just chasing fame - we also have to get the money to support our dreams."


Listen to 'Get Money' here, and watch the music video below:


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