5 Food movies and TV shows to inspire your home-cooking adventures

5 Food movies and TV shows to inspire your home-cooking adventures

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These soothing food content are worth adding to your must-watch list

Some of us never really used to cook much, or even at all—most nights pre-MCO were all about dining out or grabbing takeout from your favourite joint. But getting cooped up at home for more than a month can do wonders to fuel your cooking skills. 

For some, it served as a creative outlet—a way to kill time that is surprisingly satisfying especially when you can indulge in your favourite meals and dessert (after making them, of course).

However, if you've tried almost every recipe under the sun and have lost your will to even be in the kitchen, worry not. We have picked out some delectable food-related films and shows to inspire you once more to find your cooking mojo.

Ahead, check out these tantalising food streams that will help you get over this too-lazy-to-cook rut:

Jiro Dreams Of Sushi

Even if you’re not a fan of sushi (who are you?), you will be hooked. This 2011 documentary captures the craft and life of legendary sushi master, Jiro Ono. Director David Gelb takes an in-depth look at the backstory of a man who has devoted his entire life to pursue the art of sushi making.

The Hundred-Foot Journey

The film follows the Kadam family moving from India to France, where they open a restaurant across the street from uptight Madame Mallory (Helen Mirren) who owns a Michelin-starred restaurant. The eateries soon develop a strong competition, but things change when Hassan Kadam (Manish Dayal) decides to take on French cooking.


Definitely a drool-worthy watch, this documentary centres on the exceptional techniques of the grill masters from all around the world. Viewers will get to see what goes into making the most mouthwatering grilling piece of meat. You may just be inspired to grill a mouth-watering rack of ribs for dinner.

A Tale Of Two Kitchens

This 29-minute Netflix original short film features chef Cabriela Cámara’s Mexican restaurants and how it serves as a community that brings people together despite cultural differences. It also introduces viewers to the world of Mexican cuisine.

No Reservations

This classic is a loose adaptation of German film Bella Martha, and it follows how food plays a significant role in the life of a chef. Kate (Catherine Zeta-Jones) struggles with prioritising her career and caring for her niece, Zoe (Abigail Breslin), after her sister dies in a car accident. In the midst of it all, Kate and Nick (Aaron Eckhart) battle for the head chef role in the kitchen.

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