Watch: Best of Raya 2016 ads and short films

Watch: Best of Raya 2016 ads and short films

Salam Aidilfitri!

Text: Gwen Ong

Time to pull out those tissues, someone’s cutting onions here!

The Raya season is upon us and as Malaysians gear up for the festivity, we take a look at the things that make it a unique celebration here. Every year, we look forward to the creative TV commercials and short films that grace our screens and the messages each brings.

Here are some of our favourites from Raya 2016.

Malaysia Airlines, #BolehAdikIkut

Balik kampung is happier when we're together with our loved ones.


Tenaga Nasional, #LepasTu

Adik has a lot of explaining to do!


Maxis, #Sarikatahati

We may be more technologically and socially connected today but it's important this is reflected in real life too.


Petronas, Vroom Vroom

Take a walk down memory lane and relive the moments shared with your family.


BSN, Pegacau balik raya

The infamous Aloy is back with a message to be ever-ready to lend a helping hand to those in need.


NAZA, Aidilfitri yang amat bermakna

A call to sons and daughters to remember what your parents have done for you.


TM, Rezeki yang dikongsi lebih diberkati

Remember the less fortunate and be mindful of our thoughts and actions this festive period.


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