20 Instagram pet accounts you need to follow right now for your happy fix

20 Instagram pet accounts you need to follow right now for your happy fix

Paws-itive vibes only

Text: Marissa Chin

Image: Fran Lauren
Image: Media Kix

Feed looking a little dry lately? How about following some of these crazily adorable pet accounts for an instant serotonin boost:

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that just about anyone is always in want of a cute pet companion. For those of you lucky enough to have pets in the house to play with and cuddle during the MCO, you have our envy. For those who don’t—and if you're feeling a little ruff lately, following these adorable and hilarious pet accounts is a guaranteed pick-me-up.

From the usual canine companions to spiky hedgehogs and raccoons (there’s a fox too!), there’s definitely enough diversity in this list to make you fall in love with at least five accounts.

Cue the coo-ing and baby talking over your screen!


Starting out is the biggest little guy who is the most followed pet account, let alone dog Instagram account with a whopping 10 million followers. Jiff the Pomeranian is a huge celebrity that has top stars like Ariana Grande, Monsta X and Shawn Mendes snapping cute selfies with him. If you think he looks familiar, he was also in Katy Perry’s Dark Horse music video that went on to get over 2 billion views, capturing all of our hearts with his five-second appearance.

Jiff is not just a pretty face though—he’s also famous for holding two Guinness World Records for fastest 10m sprint on hind legs (6.56 seconds) and fastest 5m sprint on front paws (7.76 seconds) making him a fast little bullet! Following him would definitely make your day as his owners love dressing him in colourful onesies and you’ll see some of your favourite celebs pop up from time to time too.


Fans of wolf breeds—this one's for you. Loki is a beautiful Malamute-Husky-Arctic Wolf mix that absolutely loves the outdoors with his owner and best friend Kelly Lund. Not like the god of mischief, Loki has a really calm disposition and enjoys conquering rocky terrains, cozy camping trips and sleeping in hammocks—in fact, it was the latter that catapulted him and Lund to internet stardom, landing them on the front page of Reddit in 2012. They now have 2 million followers.

We're not a huge fans of camping but if this is what it looks like, we're all in.

As Lund tells Alpha Universe, “Many dogs spend their whole lives in backyards and my goal with Loki was to take him everywhere that I possibly could with me.” Lund’s experience as a photographer has left many followers in awe of his stunning photos of Loki in their adventures. If you’re an outdoor fanatic looking for a VSCO-esque aesthetic, look no further!


The second most-followed dog account is none other than Doug, arguably the most famous pug in the world with 3.9 million followers. As the “King of Pop Culture” seen in his bio, you can find Doug recreating and creating Internet memes, reacting to TikTok videos and getting in on the latest trends. He even won last year’s Animal Star of the Year for People’s Choice Awards. Like Jiff, Doug also starred in a music video—Fall Out Boy’s Irresistible was definitely a double entendre on Doug’s own irresistible wrinkles and pudgy nose.

Nailed it.


Time to switch things up. Have you ever seen a cat with a real moustache? Because Hamilton just might have the most perfectly coiffed moustache that will have Italian men fawning over it. With a growing account standing at just over 800,000 followers, most people came to see the moustache cat and stayed for his adorable quirkiness.

Even though Hamilton may look like the most dapper cat who might say “m’lady” at any moment, he was actually a feral cat with no prior contact to humans that was picked up by owner Jay Stowe at a local shelter. After a month of consistent effort and love, Hamilton was won over and it didn’t take long for the cuddling to begin and never stop. Stowe has also been active on spreading the #Adoptdontstop message and giving back to local shelters with what he’s earned from the account.


Nala is a seven-year old Siamese-Tabby cat mix that is easily one of the most popular cats on the internet (and there are many). Adopted from a shelter in 2010 by Pookie Mathachittiphan when she was just a little kitten, it was love at first for both of them. Pookie first started the account for Nala as a way for her family in Thailand to easily view them. But with those big blue eyes and adorkable personality, it was no wonder Nala went on to amass 4.3 million followers on Instagram and 2.5 million Facebook followers.

Follow Nala for her everyday purrfect life as a celebrity cat—you’ll even see her six other siblings who are equally lovable including Coffee, Nala’s brother who is a cancer survivor.


What’s better than one Golden Retriever? Two Golden Retriever BFFs who are absolutely joined at the hip. Owner Fran’s knack for photography really lends well to capturing each dog’s individual personality. Their photos feel like a snuggly night in with a warm cup of honey lemon tea. Be ready for some super cozy cuddle fests that will turn you into a pile of goo.


“Um, that’s an interesting looking dog you have there.”

Don’t be mistaken—while Juniper acts just like a dog, she is actually a domesticated red fox. As she is descended from generations of fur-farm foxes, Juniper has lost many of her natural instincts and is unable to live in the wild. But fret not, she is living her best life being showered with lots of love and affection and is dubbed “the happiest fox” with a published book of the same name. Having a pet fox is definitely not something you see everyday so if you’re looking for something different, join 2.9 million others in seeing how a daily life for a domesticated fox looks like. Juniper is also part of a family of rescued exotics so you’ll also see other animals such as sugar gliders, possums, a cat and her on-and-off canine boyfriend, Moose on your feed!


Pumpkin was found by Laura Young when she was still a baby with a broken leg in the backyard of her mother’s Bahamas home. Pumpkin’s mother did not return for her so instead, Young took it upon herself to nurse her back to health and promised a life that did not involve rummaging through garbage. Since then, Pumpkin has enjoyed hot baths, avocados and eggs as well as reading Harry Potter to the entertainment of 1.4 million followers. It was a devastating blow when Pumpkin’s death was announced in October last year but Young has kept the account active so that she could continue to support local charities and most importantly, to honour her little girl. The account has also not suffered a drop in followers showing how much Pumpkin had touched their lives even in spirit.


Very squish. Much wow.

We all love this meme-ful breed not only for its toasted bread appearance but also for their eccentric quirks, expressive howls and squinty eye smiles—all of which Maruto has and more. Her owner Shinjiro Ono initially started the account to lift up the spirits of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami victims. But Maruto’s fame only grew bigger and she is now known globally, bringing smiles to her 2.5 million followers and more all over the world.


What can we say? Dogs with wrinkles are the cutest and Manny has completely stolen our hearts. There’s just something about those pink fluffy ears and soft rolling wrinkles that is so endearing and the 1.1 million Manny fans agree too. Catch him in his classic belly rub pose and sleeping in his favourite sink!


How many of you can say you have the most beautiful pet cat on Instagram? Arvid van Boekel definitely can and with 2.2 million followers to boot. With her trademark stunning emerald blue eyes and gorgeous golden locks, Smoothie is hands down the most photogenic feline on the internet.


Venus is also another beautiful cat for an entirely different reason and you’ll see why. As her name suggests, Venus literally has two halves of a face: one solid black with a green eye and the other typical tabby stripes with a blue eye. She is a genetic anomaly that even experts can’t figure out. But just like the motto on her profile, “why fit in when you can stand out”, it is obvious Venus was born to stand out from the crowd.


Yes, you read that right. Jill was rescued by her owner when she fell off a tree during Hurricane Isaac back in 2012. They nursed her back to health but when the animal recovery centre couldn’t accept more animals, what was supposed to be a temporary shelter turned into Jill’s forever home. Since then, the account has amassed some 741,000 followers and counting. Follow Jill to see her decked out in adorably miniature sweaters and scarves, cuddling her favourite mini teddy bear and wrapped up in blankets burrito style.


This Samoyed is seriously the stuff of dreams. Not only is Maya super fluffy and seems to constantly have perfectly-blended pink eyeshadow, she is also affectionate and playful with her owner Karen and an ASMR queen. Her Instagram stands at 1.9 million while her Youtube recently raked in a million subscribers last August. Her feed is all about positive vibes—Maya’s extremely motivational speeches will get you through any rough patch. Don’t forget her iconic ear dance!


Chances are you've probably seen this squishy Golden Retriever all over social media. Tucker has stolen the hearts of 2.4 million people so far and he isn’t stopping just yet. With nearly 2 million subscribers on Youtube, it’s safe to say that no one is complaining. What makes Tucker so adorable is his big personality—if he likes something, he’ll let you know. If he doesn’t, you’ll know it too. Check out this video of Tucker not having it with a hair clip that went viral.

Oh and did we mention he’s Maya’s on and off boyfriend?


Hedgehogs are quickly becoming popular pets and it’s not hard to see why. For those not quite ready for a dog yet or want to try something different, they are a great alternative. Although it’s important to note hedgehogs don’t typically like to be cuddled or picked up so expectations must be managed. Luckily for Anna though, her two hedgehogs, Lilo and Lionel, enjoy belly rubs and posing for photos in front of aesthetic travel shots.


Let it be known that Pitbulls are one of our favourite dog breeds out there. There’s not much they can do to make us love them more but a Pitbull that never stopped smiling once he was adopted definitely will. And that’s Brinks. His iconic lovable smile will make just about anyone’s heart hurt in a really good way.


Loulou deserves the “Goodest Girl Ever”award if there ever was one, based on how heartwarming her interactions are with her best duck friends. She also has the most perfect shiny coat a dog could boast of. Loulou has also recently given birth to a gorgeous litter of six little sausage pups so that’s even more cute content on your feed. She's already the best pup mom out there. 


For something a little more eccentric, check out Bodhi who claims to be the “most stylish dog in the world”. From punk streetwear to Parisian chic, Bodhi has a better wardrobe than most of us can wish for.

But don't worry, he has his off days as well just like the rest of us.


If you have an interest in photography and are looking for the chill suburban aesthetic with a sprinkle of adventure, photographer Theron Humphrey has you covered. He may have photographed many places and objects but Maddie, his coonhound best friend will always be his muse.