This illustrator brings her art to life in a series of GIFs

This illustrator brings her art to life in a series of GIFs

Enchantingly animated

Text: Su Fen Tan

Site: Colossal
Image: Tumblr / Of Sparrows

Adding a personal touch to originals and fan art, Sparrows' animated works are as charming as can be

As one scrolls through her Tumblr page, whimsical, fairytale-like nuances and a distinct style of illustration come across in her lovely series of GIFs. There is a mixture of original work as well as her fan art of renown stories, animations or movies, including Perrault's Sleeping Beauty and Howl's Moving Castle. While we love her take on some of the classic scenes, her originals are a breathe of fresh air—highly imaginative and captivating with a hint of magic surrealism.


Known by the name Sparrows, she tells Colossal that she works professionally as an illustrator, but these brief standalone pieces are ideas she wants to exist outside of her head. 

Check out more of Sparrows work here.


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