Unveiled: The Karlbox by Karl Lagerfeld and Faber-Castell

Unveiled: The Karlbox by Karl Lagerfeld and Faber-Castell

Premium art tools

Text: Su Fen Tan

When the worlds of art and fashion meet to create quality designer stationery

Faber-Castell, the family-owned company producing fine art and graphic products, has been around since 1761—and they are still going strong. Who else here has memories of using Faber-Castell colour pencils when they were younger? To celebrate its heritage in this age, the brand has collaborated with Karl Lagerfeld to create the Karlbox: a limited edition collection of quality drawing tools and artists' supplies infused with bold, modern spirit of the renowned designer.

Unveiled: The Karlbox by Karl Lagerfeld and Faber-Castell (фото 1)

Over the span of his illustrious career, Karl Lagerfeld has often turned to pen and paper to bring his ideas to life—and yes, he has used Faber-Castell products to translate his visions onto a canvas. "What amuses me while drawing is the fact to draw," said Lagerfeld. "To me, drawing is like breathing and writing. These are things that almost relax me." 


Housed in a sleek and elegant black wooden box, the Karlbox opens to reveal drawers storing 350 fine quality art tools for drawing and painting, including Albrecht Dürer and Polychromos colour pencils, highly pigmented Pitt Artist ink pens, Castell 9000 graphite pencils and watercolour brushes. The beautiful array of art supplies are sorted according to colour shades, all of which were personally selected by Karl Lagerfeld himself. The individual drawers are removable, allowing you set them up as you wish on your working table. Only 2,500 of the Karlbox have been manufactured, making them very exclusive indeed.


Take a closer look at the Karlbox here:

The Karlbox (RM12,000) is now available at Faber-Castell stores, Karl Lagerfeld boutiques worldwide and Harrods London. It will be launched in select department stores and specialty stores from 19 September 2016 onwards.


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