See this Gucci artist collaborator’s artwork at her first Asian exhibition in Seoul

See this Gucci artist collaborator’s artwork at her first Asian exhibition in Seoul

Curatorial point of view

Text: Gwen Ong

Image: Coco Capitán

‘Is It Tomorrow Yet?’ is a showcase of 150 works by artist Coco Capitán across different mediums including her distinguished handwritten pieces


Coco Capitán is an artist with a unique perspective of the world. Her name exploded onto the fashion scene when she collaborated with Gucci last year for its Fall/Winter 2017 collection. Capitán famously scrawled on a slew of items such as bags, sweatshirts and vests with contemplative phrases –"common sense is not that common" and "what are we going to do with all this future?" This was even followed up with huge graffiti-style wall art in New York and Milan.


Her medium is not limited to just handwriting as you may discover at her new exhibition, Is It Tomorrow Yet? at Daelim Museum, Seoul. Capitán also covers photography, painting, video and installation. "I have always worked in different media, but perhaps kept most of the work that wasn't prose or photography locked in the studio until now with the wrong assumption that I had to build my artistic identity in only one field," said the London-based artist in an interview with Dazed.




On her favourite piece from Is It Tomorrow Yet?, she has this to say: "They are all special because of their story, the final look of the pieces has less of a personal importance to me. It's more about what I learned and lived while making them." This exhibition has given Capitán a chance to explore a range of mediums such as ceramics and sculptures that she has never used before.

"I particularly like the installation works. There's a magic to installation art, you dream something up, think of a design, think of a medium, work with people to realise your vision," she said. "Installations make any idea you might have possible, which I think is an artist's greatest dream."




Is It Tomorrow Yet? shows Capitán's inquisitiveness and probing questions about values, hierarchies and the future. If you're headed to Seoul, do drop by to check it out. The exhibition runs until January 2019 at Daelim Museum.