Belmond Copacabana Palace gives visitors an artsy welcome to Rio

Belmond Copacabana Palace gives visitors an artsy welcome to Rio


Text: Su Fen Tan

Celebrating the world’s biggest sporting event

As the international contingents settle in and gear up for the 2016 Olympic Games, Belmond Copacabana Palace extends a warm welcome to the city's visitors with a series of art installations inspired by the cartography and nature at the beach-front hotel—because aside from the athletes, scores of journalists, government officials and supporters will be in town for the big Games too.


The art installations were created by Kristjana S Williams, an award-winning artist from Iceland. Among them are illustrated maps entitled Belmond Map of the World and Rio Welcomes the World, which can be found at the reception and concierge desks. Behind the hotel, a public window exhibition by Williams pays homage to the past and present Olympic cities, including London, Athens, Rio itself, and the next host city Tokyo. 


But the highlight has to be the nightly display of theatrical light projection, with moving images of butterflies—each carrying a different country's flag on its wings—flying over the hotel façade, a representation of the different nations gathering n Rio to celebrate cultural diversity. The butterfly also stands as a symbol of hope and strength found in fragile beauty, new life, and a journey well-travelled. 

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