The dewy manicure is summer's coolest trend—get ready to see it everywhere

The dewy manicure is summer's coolest trend—get ready to see it everywhere

Ultimate drip

Text: Redzhanna Jazmin

If there ever was a better trend to nail tide the summer months over with, these mesmerising water droplets would be it

Feeling warm in this perpetual summer heat? Quench your thirst with the season's hottest new manicure trend: The water droplet nail. While your run-of-the-mill droplets may come and go, these are looking to be a rather permanent staple. Created by celebrity nail artist So Jin Oh, whose wearable artworks are often inspired by organic phenomena, the water droplets are the result of layering clear building gel or clear nail polish in order to create texture.

You may have already seen the look sported by Kylie Jenner, who used the trend to jazz up a neon orange French tip. This particular look has garnered descriptors like "orange creamsicle", but we would akin the tangerine tips to an ice-cold glass of freshly squeezed orange juice instead.

Alternatively, if you've kept up with the runways of Paris Haute Couture Week, you may have seen the avant garde, high-fashion edition of the trend instead. Eichi Matsunaga's sculptural take on the water droplet made its debut during the Iris Van Herpen Earthrise AW21/22 collection.

The trend hasn't just been limited to water, either. Another celeb favourite, Mei Kawajiri, whose nail creations have been seen on the likes of Dua Lipa and the Hadids, has taken the trend further. Her lava lamp set utilises many of the same techniques, adding a pop of colour to emulate the captivating look of the '90s bedroom staple.

Another take on the trend is the slime nail, which—once again—uses the same techniques to create that juicy-looking texture. Case in point: This gorgeous, perfect pink slime set.

So, what is your verdict? Will you be giving this look a go anytime soon?

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