The stroke of genius that gave us Shiseido’s Holiday Collection

The stroke of genius that gave us Shiseido’s Holiday Collection

Shiseido meets Sisyu

Shiseido lights up our lives in more ways than one

Sisyu is an artist who frees words from the confines of ink on paper. Through her take on Japanese calligraphy, characters are reborn as imagery that soar with new meaning. In preparation for this festive season of wishes and dreams, Shiseido partners with Sisyu to illuminate the magic in "light"; hence sparking the Symphony of Lights collection, featuring a special rendition of "Hikari"—the Japanese word for light.


"The holiday season is the peak time of the year when lights inspire people, and they are uppermost in people's minds. Light has significance—it illuminates and brightens people. The light collection expresses the image of lights that brightens up each and everyone of us in the world," says Sisyu. The 2017 Shiseido holiday collection shines its light on 21 different versions of the character "Hikari". Each layered and intertwined with another, artful brush strokes decorate limited edition versions of Shiseido's skincare and makeup ranges.

"Merciful light that illuminates everyone's road ahead. Soft, tiny, big, weak, strong, tender, or dazzling lights. Light that visibly and invisibly supports you. Light that makes your path to the future brilliant. I gathered light together, like a glimmering sunny spot, so that it may gently continue to be with you."—Sisyu.

A look at the star products and gift sets Shiseido has in store for 2017:

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