Serie Expert Nutrifier: The new silicone-free range to restore shine to your tresses

Serie Expert Nutrifier: The new silicone-free range to restore shine to your tresses

Shiny, sleek and smooth

Text: Wei Yeen Loh

L'Oreal Professionnel's new silicone-free hair care range is all about giving your hair a good dose of nutrients while making it easy to style

I gotta admit — having dry and damaged hair wasn't (ever) a potential hair concern in my books, not when I actually revel in treating my hair with hair conditioners and DIY masks. But after my last hair colouring session, blow-drying my hair nowadays would induce it to looking frazzled and wiry. So I was excited to take on L'Oreal Professionnel's latest Serie Expert Nutrifier in-salon treatment that's tailored for dry, damaged locks — and this is what I found:

1. Serie Expert Nutrifier is a new-generation line of nutritive hair care that is entirely silicone-free.

Silicone is actually the main ingredient that leaves a shiny film on your hair while weighing it down and promoting buildup. This range has Glycerol (an emollient) and Coco Oil (filled with fatty acids) to leave your hair lustrous, shiny and healthy without causing hair breakage and split ends. 

2. It's not an easy task to style hair that's dry and damaged, or overly shiny and heavy no thanks to an overdose of nutrients. But this hair care range doesn't overload the hair fibers with a ton of elements that are unnecessary. Its silicone-free formula leaves a non-coated, lightweight sensation without compromising on nutrition as well.

3. And if you're in need of a serious hair treatment (stat!) to revive your severely dry tresses, drop by a salon to get an exclusive service that uses the Power Nutrifier Monodose nutritive concentrate

This light-textured formula will impart a hefty dose of glycerol and coco oil on your hair, and "hot wrapping" in the form of a warm towel will ensue to make sure your hair locks in all the good stuff earlier on.


4. But if you're short of time, get your hands on the extensive range comprising of shampoo, conditioner, blow-dry cream, DD balm, masque, and overnight masque to DIY it on your own at home—yes, good hair days aren't just #hairgoals anymore.

Our favourite is the overnight masque that comes in a foamy texture to provide a 12-hour long boost of nutrition to your hair while you get some beauty sleep. 


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