L’Occitane celebrates 40 years of Provencal-inspired heritage

L’Occitane celebrates 40 years of Provencal-inspired heritage

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Text: Gwen Ong

Since its beginning in 1976, L’Occitane has captured the hearts of beauty enthusiasts with its natural flower- and plant-based ingredients and products

At the heart of Provence is Olivier Baussan, the man behind L'Occitane, who in his 20s discovered the art of distillation and embarked on the production of essential oils and handmade soaps. With his passion for his native land, he wanted to share his love of nature and the beauty of Provence with the world. His dream was fuelled by the power of plants and its amazing properties. Thus, L'Occitane was born in 1976.

In 1977, Olivier reserved the first fine lavender harvest and bottled the smells of his beautiful land of Provence. While new plant extracts have since been discovered and new ranges developed, this small wild flower has remained synonymous with the beauty brand throughout the years. The commitment to natural ingredients remains strong and L'Occitane is much loved for its properties.

Through the vision of distilling, planting, growing, harvesting, inventing, innovating, developing, sustaining and getting involved, L'Occitane has grown to become a renowned international brand. One that is represented in some 3,000 stores throughout the world.

Lavender, Verbena, Shea, Immortelle and Almond—these are among the harvests that inspired numerous products, which have gone on to be the brand's best sellers. In Malaysia, these are the fans' top 10 favourites:

This year in celebration of its 40th anniversary, L'Occitane introduces a special series of its best-loved items. The '40 Years Inspired by Provence' series is a true testament of the brand's lasting heritage.

'40 Years of Love' Hand Cream Trio Set

Available exclusively online only, the collection of Shea Butter, Rose and Cherry Blossom Hand Cream comes in a limited edition metal box. Perfect to carry around! We like how each tube is creatively dressed in bright colours and capital letters, reminiscent of the radiant hues from the 1970s.

'40 Years of Love' Shea Butter Hand Cream

The nourishing and protective properties of shea butter are encapsulated in this classic hand cream that is available in a limited edition packaging.

'40 Years of True Stories' Lavender Limited Edition Collection

The wild lavender, which carpets the hills of Provence, is the muse of this limited edition collection decorated with sweeping blue diagonal lines akin to the fields of fine lavender. The foaming bath is a rich formula filled with scents of lavender essential oil from Haute-Provence. While the new rough-cut soaps contain pieces of lavender flowers to help exfoliate the body. Double joy!

'40 Years of True Stories' Verbena Limited Edition Collection

Verbena was the first fragrance in L'Occitane's collection; fast-forward to today, the verbena limited edition range pays tribute to the passion of the perfumer in Provence Drome. The sweet and exquisite aroma is captured in the eau de toilette, exfoliating fresh shower gel, rough-cut soaps, moisturising body mousse and fresh body mist. A special verbena hair scalp tonic is also available in this set.


To find out more about the L'Occitane's 40 Years Inspired by Provence, head on to this link here 


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