Just in: New brands make their debut at Sephora

Just in: New brands make their debut at Sephora

Decisions, decisions

Text: Terry Saw

Sephora takes things a step further by spoiling us with more exciting beauty offerings just in time for the silly season

The rolling-out of Holiday collections at Sephora has always been somewhat of an annual spectacle. This year, expect nothing less than a great show from a variety of gorgeous sets to Christmas keepsakes and stocking-stuffer superstars. And to join in the festivities are these newcomers that are bound to make their way to your Christmas shopping lists, and very likely, into your beauty kits.

Tangle Teezer

Just in: New brands make their debut at Sephora (фото 1)

Here's why one of the U.K's best and most stylish beauty inventions deserves your attention: it's the first hairbrush designed to quickly and painlessly detangle your hair while adding shine and leaving it silky smooth. Plus, you can use it on dry and wet hair. If it's good enough for celebrity fans Kate Middleton and Rihanna...


Just in: New brands make their debut at Sephora (фото 2)

Nudestix isn't just a brand with an effective, streamlined collection of makeup for quick fixes, but it also has an interesting backstory. Inspired by her model daughters Ally and Taylor Frankel, Jenny Frankel - a multi-award winning, cosmetics business builder and chemical engineer, who started her career formulating products for M.A.C Cosmetics - creates innovating easy-to-use makeup that not only works, but also comes with multiple skin-loving benefits.


Just in: New brands make their debut at Sephora (фото 3)

Hailing all the way from Paris is the vibrant solinotes - a series of fragrances designed around the idea of scent layering. Wear each alone or mix two parts of a domain solinote with one part of a different solinote and there you have, your very own unique scent. Perfect as fun, Secret Santa gifts because there's only so many coffee mugs one can gift or receive!


Tangle Teezer and solinotes now available at all Sephora boutiques. Nudestix will be available November 2015 onwards. 

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