Celebeauty: Jonathan Van Ness is releasing a hair care line, Phoebe Bridgers' new tattoo is a meme

Celebeauty: Jonathan Van Ness is releasing a hair care line, Phoebe Bridgers' new tattoo is a meme

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Hunter Schafer's manicure is perfect for biology revision, Anne (Annie?) Hathaway is ageing backwards and more celebrity beauty news from this week

In this week: The stars have been trimmed, tatted, and taloned-up. Plus, the celebrity beauty launches are showing no signs of stopping. Find out who got what done (and where) now!

This week in hair

Jonathan Van Ness is releasing a hair care line

Queer Eye fans, brace yourself—the day has finally arrived. Everyone's favourite TV grooming guy is releasing a beauty line! 

"I’m so full of gratitude to share with you that after years in the making I’m launching my very own haircare brand!" writes Van Ness. "Biossance has earned my trust in skincare over the years and we’re ready to take our relationship to a whole new level. GAME CHANGER ALERT: I’m teaming up with their parent company Amyris to develop their, and my, first ever haircare line!"

"This haircare line is my new baby and this team is the only one I trust to develop a line of products that carries my name and ethos," he continues. "Together, we’re developing a haircare line that will be inclusive for all people, effective for all hair types and sustainable to our gorgeous Earth. We’re ready to revolutionize the haircare industry and can’t wait to share it with you later this year."

No word yet on a release date or any specific details, but trust that we'll keep you posted the whole way through!

FKA Twigs joins the mullet club

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Hear us out: The shag, but make it elven. The 'Two Weeks' singer wins the mullet commitment prize with this super dramatic cut; Twigs has cropped the top and sides of her hair down to just a few centimetres of curls, while leaving the collarbone-length back in braids.

We've got to say, it's probably the boldest celeb take on the mullet trend we've seen thus far—while most chose to opt for the more universally-flattering, layered shag, Twigs has committed to the business-in-the-front, party-in-the-back philosophy entirely. We give it a 10/10 execution.

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Anne Hathaway debuts side-swept bangs while #LockedDown

FYI: This glamorous shot by the pool was taken in promotion of Hathaway's new film, Locked Down (released for streaming on HBO Max on Jan 14th).

Aside from the fact that Hathaway doesn't seem to age, this fringe-tastic cut has us flashing all the way back to her The Devil Wears Prada days. The soft, face-framing cut suits her beautifully, and you can get a better look at it in her latest interview with Jimmy Fallon.

Side note: Apparently, we've been calling her the wrong name this whole time—whoops!

This week in nails

Hunter Schafer's mitosis nails are perfect for when you have a lab experiment at 4 and an awards ceremony at 5

Nothing brings us more joy than a set of nails sending us right back to biology classes. Courtesy of celebrity nail artist Mei Kawajiri, this science-y set details the stages of mitosis, also known as cell division. It covers all the bases—prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase—and is probably one of our favourite celebrity manicures to date. Better yet, it's perfect for nails of any length! What's not to love? 

Megan Thee Stallion ushers in springtime early with her sunny floral manicure

Bar the rude finger, we are totally into this manicure. The cute, stiletto-shaped set features a blue and white flower motif against a sunny yellow base—if you ask us, that's the perfect colour combination

This week in tattoos

Phoebe Bridgers' new tattoo is a sweet ode to her fans

If you're looking for certifiably rad tattoo inspo, you've found it: Phoebe Bridgers has a sword on her forearm. The Grammy-nominee explained the meaning behind the tattoo in the caption of the snap, stating: "A fan brought me a note with a sword stabbed into it after a show and someone else got a tattoo of it so I did too".

The new tattoo is courtesy of celebrity tattoo artist Dr Woo, whose clientele includes the likes of Bella Hadid and both Justin and Hailey Bieber. He's known for his excellent linework and intricate designs, though when it comes to celebrity ink, Bridgers' battle-ready design is a marked departure from the delicate lettering we're used to seeing on Woo's other famous clients.

Either way, we love the tattoo (and it's funny beginnings)—nothing could capture the singer-songwriter's fully-chaotic energy better.

Oh, and before you say it, the indie-sensation-turned-TikTok-sensation has already beat you to it: "...and that is my wrist," she declares.

Chrissy Teigen dedicates her latest tattoo to her love

In this short, behind-the-scenes film, Teigen gives us all an inside look into her tattoo journey. The artwork was done by celebrity artist Daniel Winter (also known as Winter Stone), whose clientele also includes the likes of Raven Symone and Miley Cyrus.

Inked in delicate script along Teigen's spine are the words "Ooh Laa". While it's a fun tattoo out-of-context, the significance behind it is positively swoon-worthy. We won't keep you in suspense: The tattoo is a tribute to Teigen's partner of 15 years, John Legend (duh), and the works are lifted from the namesake song from his latest album, Bigger Love. Now that's cute.

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