Happy 100th Birthday, Maybelline!

10 iconic looks for #MyMaybelline100

Happy 100th Birthday, Maybelline!
As Maybelline New York celebrated its 100th anniversary in 129 countries on May 15th this year, Malaysia joined the festivities by showcasing 10 decades of iconic makeup looks

Taking trends from the catwalk to the sidewalk since Thomas L. Williams developed LASH-BROW-INE, a lash and brow beautifier, Maybelline New York has remained at the side (and in the pocketbooks) of confident, accomplished women who adore their revolutionary textures, science-forward formulas, and trendsetting, affordable makeup shades.

Professional makeup master Stevensunny paid tribute to the brand's extensive range of colourful cosmetics during their celebratory birthday runway show in Malaysia by creating nine iconic looks that stretched from the 1920s to the contemporary noughties, as well as an exclusive Future 'Glam Goddess' look - all with the everyday Malaysian woman in mind.

Happy 100th Birthday, Maybelline! (фото 1)

We had trouble deciding which looks we liked best - could it have been the 1920s Fierce Flapper, with glittery eyes, precisely defined brows, and generous lashings of rouge, or the smokin' hot Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe-inspired silver screen look? Then again, the zany 1980s Electric Raver with her daring eyeshadow shades and take-it-the-the-maximum blusher couldn't have been more fun, while The Socialite brought the best elements of makeup together in one look for the 2000s, from the fire engine red lips of the '50s to the '70s-era smokey eye.

Happy 100th Birthday, Maybelline! (фото 2)

Having made the past 100 years that much more fun thanks to their vast and entirely wearable library of cosmetics, we can't wait to see what Maybelline's going to accomplish in the next century. We've got a feeling it's going to be even more epic than the last one.

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