Good Vibrations: Power-wash your pores

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Good Vibrations: Power-wash your pores
bliss’ Pore-fector gadget is unstoppable when it comes to unblocking even the most stubborn skin

'Shake it off' isn't just a Taylor Swift song anymore - bliss' Pore-fector gadget set, RM 880 (including the tool, charger stand, power cord, and a full-size bottle of bliss' Daily Detoxifying Facial Toner) is here on a mission to shift all the dirt, oil and impurities that refuse to be washed away.

Using sonic vibrations and micro-jet technology, the gadget gives your skin a much-needed deep clean, freeing up your pores so that they're ready to receive all the nourishment they can get from your favourite skincare products. Boasting two settings, not only can the Pore-fector deliver a 'power wash' to be reckoned with, but it's also capable of massaging creams and serums slowly and gently into your skin's surface.

It's cordless, rechargeable, and so easy to use that you can run it while you're half-asleep - although we have a feeling you'll wake up when see its instant, visible results. Keep it clean now, ladies!

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 Available now at all Sephora outlets.

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