Celebeauty: Bella Hadid's Arabic tattoo is 'wrong', Alexa Chung bleaches her (singular) brow

Celebeauty: Bella Hadid's Arabic tattoo is 'wrong', Alexa Chung bleaches her (singular) brow

Beauty headlines galore

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Gigi Hadid shares the first photos of her little one, Conan Gray gets a mullet and more beauty headlines from this week

Lots of weird and wacky beauty drama has taken place this week—one starlet has lost an eyebrow while another has had an unfortunate tattoo faux pas. Gather all the details down below!

This week in hair

Celebeauty: Bella Hadid's Arabic tattoo is 'wrong', Alexa Chung bleaches her (singular) brow (фото 1)

Alexa Chung loses a brow for some unknown reason

The fashionista debuted this puzzling look on her Instagram story, and while we have to admit it's not what we've grown to expect from her, we're glad that she's experimenting with her look. Upon closer inspection, you'll notice that the brow is not gone—just bleached. No word yet on why she's said goodbye to her left brow, but we'll keep you posted when we know.

Update: Chung has posted a follow-up post with even less context. Looks like the right brow is gone too.

Celebeauty: Bella Hadid's Arabic tattoo is 'wrong', Alexa Chung bleaches her (singular) brow (фото 2)

On a side note—the banana-platinum blonde is kind of a look with her skin tone. Anyone else curious to see what Chung would look like as a blonde? We sure are.

Nicki Minaj's fans are telling her not to perm her hair

The rapper posted a snap showing off her natural texture, openly wondering whether she should relax her unbelievably long tresses. In case you're not familiar with natural hair and you're confused about how a perm could possibly bring her length from her mid-back down to her bum, here's a quick lesson:

Black hair—or, rather, coily black hair in particular—is prone to shrinkage. Shrinkage describes when natural hair shortens or compacts itself when going from a wet to dry state. It naturally occurs in tighter textures, much to the frustration of coily girls who want their locks to look longer. While this texture looks shorter in its natural, dry state, if you wet it, relax it, or take a flat iron to it, you'll likely see it 'grow'. That's what Minaj is referring to.

Personally, we think her natural hair is absolutely stunning and she should opt to flat iron it rather than relax it. That said—her hair, her choice. She'll look stunning either way!

Conan Gray gets a heckin' cool mullet

The singer took to the 'gram to share a collection of selfies showcasing his new 'do. In the snap, he's fresh-faced, his nails are adorned with remnants of a black manicure, and his hair has us at peak envy. We're particular fans of the mullet trend/'70s shag revival going around at the moment, and we have to say that his wavy texture and carefree styling are the perfect complements for this style.

With his new cut, Gray has joined the league of mullet-sporting celebs, like Maisie Williams, Billie Eilish, and Rihanna, to name a few.

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This week in makeup

Bella Hadid makes a case for faux freckles

The model shared a snap of her latest makeup look, which features an oddly-elongated brow (it extends a little too far towards the hairline, but we can still get behind it), a simple lash-and-lip look, dewy highlights and—our favourite part—faux freckles. The lovely look is courtesy of celebrity makeup artist Sam Visser, who was the artist behind her gorgeous would-be Met Gala look.

Now, Hadid has shared her natural freckles on Instagram before, but these fake ones by Visser work wonderfully with her face. Darker and smaller than the sun-kissed freckles she sports normally, this look has just proved that faux freckles can look good.

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This week in skincare

Celebeauty: Bella Hadid's Arabic tattoo is 'wrong', Alexa Chung bleaches her (singular) brow (фото 3)

Gigi Hadid shares a bare-faced snap featuring baby Hadid-Malik

In this week's roundup of absolutely adorable snaps, we have this new mum and little Baby Zigi (not her actual name, just what we're calling her). The eldest Hadid sister gave us this strategically-framed peek at both her little one and her natural skin texture. If her absolutely flawless face is anything to go by, it's clear the model has managed to stay on top of her skincare routine despite her much busier post-partum schedule. We love that she paired her beautiful, natural skin with nothing but a peach lippy.

If you're wondering why details on their little one have been so scarce, know that the power couple is holding off on revealing baby info for the foreseeable future. That said, we don't exactly need a face reveal to gather that their child looks like a baby (and really, is anything further our business? No). We're happy for lovely Gigi and her motherly glow!

This week in nails

Celebeauty: Bella Hadid's Arabic tattoo is 'wrong', Alexa Chung bleaches her (singular) brow (фото 4)

Billie Eilish's Gucci manicure is absolute fire

If you're looking for some truly luxe mani inspo, you've found it in Billie Eilish's latest set. Gucci from top to bottom, the manicure was created by Southern California-based celebrity manicurist Tammy Taylor. You may recognise her work—she's the same manicurist responsible for the army-green floral set Eilish wore to the Billboard Music Awards earlier this year.

According to Taylor, the look was achieved using products from her own line, including the Sea Of Roses Geleagance Gel Polish, the Coast to Coast Gelegance Gel Polish, and the Silky Matte Top Coat.

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This week in tattoos

Celebeauty: Bella Hadid's Arabic tattoo is 'wrong', Alexa Chung bleaches her (singular) brow (фото 5)

Bella Hadid gets inked (twice!)

Apparently, it's been a busy week in beauty for the youngest Hadid sister. The half-Palestinian supermodel got two delicate etchings in the Arabic language on each shoulder, courtesy of one the world's most influential tattoo artists, Dr Woo. The first tattoo on her left shoulder reads 'I love you', while the second on her right shoulder reads 'my love'. 

Unfortunately, however, it seems that the tattoo on her right shoulder is written wrong—though it's clear what she means, the 'ى' is missing two dots below, where it should read 'ي'. In fact, many fans have called out the mistake in the hopes that it will be rectified. That said, despite the small blip, we love the new ink.

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