Dull, stressed skin? Caudalie VineActiv is here for the rescue

Dull, stressed skin? Caudalie VineActiv is here for the rescue

Glow-getting skincare

Text: Su Fen Tan

You know what they say: The best defence is a good offence

Made to combat some of the most relevant concerns of today—dull, fatigued skin from burnout and pollution, anyone?—Caudalie's new VineActiv range is powered by anti-pollution technology, looking to help the woman on the go to amp up skin defence and maintain a healthy glow.  


The key to activate your skin's natural glow? Caudalie's newest patented formula, the Anti-Cell Burnout Complex, an innovative protection system that unlocks natural cellular antioxidant defense production and protects skin against oxidative stress. 

Stop time. Activate glow.

"Many of us feel overwhelmed by a pace of life that never stops and an urban environment that is often over-polluted," says Mathilde Thomas, founder of Caudalie. "In order for the skin to weather this whirlwind of a life without losing its healthy glow or developing a single wrinkle, I created Vine[Activ], a range of four smart products that strengthen the skin's capacity for self-defence against external aggressions, every single day."


Get to know the Caudalie VineActiv range here:

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