Burberry shows us a new way to achieve cat-eye lashes

Burberry shows us a new way to achieve cat-eye lashes

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Text: Wei Yeen Loh

Extend and separate every lash for a wide-eye effect with Burberry's latest Cat Lashes mascara

Let's face it, it takes a lot for a mascara to be qualified as a must-have in our beauty books. From having non-clumping properties to giving you the wide-eye, fan-like effect reminiscent of faux lashes, a worthy mascara is one that really makes your peepers pop without much effort.

This is where Burberry's latest Cat Lashes comes in. The newest eye-opening volume mascara from the British brand is all about creating an extended, cat eye effect to your lashes. Its hourglass-shaped brush clings on, extends and separates each lash for that fanned out look from the inner to outer corner. Its short and long bristles work simultaneously to provide volume and definition without clumping, while the cone-shaped tip allows you to extend lashes on the outer corner for a cat eye effect. All thanks to its lightweight formula, you can now lift and sculpt each lash from root to tip with a soft and flexible finish.

Burberry Cat Lashes is now available via, Burberry Beauty Box and selected Burberry stores worldwide.


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