#BizarreBeauty: KFC Sunscreen and other stories

#BizarreBeauty: KFC Sunscreen and other stories

Why, oh why?

Text: Terry Saw

Image: Getty Images

We interrupt this transmission to fill you in on some recent beauty news, which went viral for the absolute strangest reasons


Make of it what you will but the news about KFC's fried chicken-scented sunscreen is legit. Following its bizarre release of the edible Finger Linckin' Good nail polish earlier this year, KFC took to Twitter to announce the release of its new (wait for it) Extra Crispy scented sunscreen, which "...has SPF helps protect your skin while the real fried chicken scent leaves you smelling delicious!" Not sure about you, but we prefer not to have our 11 secret herbs and spices infused into any of our beauty products, but thank you for the thought, KFC!



You may or may not have already heard about Swedish Vlogger, Josefin Lillakas' solution to 'having too much free time', by going viral with her video of her applying 100 layers of foundation on her face, which we can't decide if is disturbing or fascinating to watch. That of course, sparked the craze for 100 layers of eyelashes, 100 layers of fake tan - you get the idea. Josefin and friends, we have only two words for you: clogged pores.



Moving on, nail artist Christine sparked yet another craze when she posted her #PolishMountain video, which has since racked up over 16 million views on YouTube. No surprises when her '100+ coats of nail polish' video was joined by the ranks of up to a whopping 280 coats attempts. The saying 'anything is possible' has just gone up by a few ridiculous notches in our books to be honest!