Z Zegna Cities: Made for the well-travelled man

Z Zegna Cities: Made for the well-travelled man

Adventurous fragrances

Text: Su Fen Tan

Inspired by the capitals of the world

The well-travelled man carries with him an air of elegance; a sophisticated aura instilled by the wealth of experiences he has cumulated through his travels. Made for the man who lives to explore the world, Ermenegildo Zegna Parfums introduces the limited edition Z Zegna Cities Collection. The three fragrances in the line are inspired by three major world capitals, that is New York, Milan and Shanghai—each distinctly different yet all three are always abuzz with infectious, vibrant energy.

Z Zegna Cities: Made for the well-travelled man (фото 1)

Fragrance developer Trudi Loren takes us through each fragrance: "The sheer exhilaration of Shanghai is made electric through vibrant spices and aromatics with a sporty edge; the mystery and intrigue of a New York City night is captured with the addictive depth of a rum cocktail-inspired trail; while the beauty of the Italian countryside that is Milan is celebrated through the masculine vivaciousness of fig trees and sage."


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