4 Fast-acting products to save you from skin dilemmas

4 Fast-acting products to save you from skin dilemmas

Not your everyday basics

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Lab Series Skincare For Men's well-curated Expert Skincare Regimen is made for the urban male who needs to up his skincare game

For the urban male who's constantly on-the-go and require a line of effective skincare range to keep his skin in check, Lab Series Skincare for Men has debuted its new Expert Skincare Regimen comprising of best-selling products carefully curated to up your everyday routine. Never underestimate the power of an efficient cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturiser, as fast-rescue basics can take you a long way:


Cleanse and exfoliate in one step

Lab Series Multi-Action Face Wash has a two-in-one function that will speed up your cleansing process. Its lathering system dissolves excess sebum and unclogs pores, all while scrubbing away dead skin cells and impurities. Not to worry about dry skin post-cleanse, as this formula has got a chockfull of vitamins to keep your skin hydrated.


Tone it up

In this regimen, Lab Series introduces the new Rescue Water Lotion that is imbued with hydrating properties and skin balancing power to refresh your skin after cleansing. Its Hydra G Tehcnology attracts, binds and retains moisture, while Witch Hazel purifies the skin and stabilizes the skin's altered pH to prepare for serums and treatments.


Combat anti-ageing with a serum

A serum can keep ageing signs at bay, especially one that targets a few skin issues. Lab Series Future Rescue Repair Serum defends the skin from environmental aggressors while promoting natural cell removal. If dull skin and fine lines/wrinkles are on top of your dilemma list, this serum is your go-to with its ability to fortify the skin's barrier and natural collagen production.


Moisturising is key

Finally, use a fast-acting moisturiser to lock moisture within your skin and keep it hydrated at all times. Lab Series Age Rescue+ Face Lotion has ginseng in its formula as an added boost to fight wrinkles and fatigue. Smooth and bright skin is really only one excellent skincare regimen away!


Lab Series For Men Expert Skincare regimen is now available at Lab Series Skincare for Men counters nationwide.


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