Let’s talk about: Hydrating vs Moisturising products

Let’s talk about: Hydrating vs Moisturising products

Same, but different?

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We’re addressing the confusion once and for all and throwing in a quick guide to picking what’s best for your skin

The crucial but sometimes slightly confusing topic of hydration vs moisturisation is like an elephant sitting pretty in a room: we're aware of the issue lingering at the back of our heads, but it doesn't get enough airtime so to speak - until now.

A quick beauty chat with our team and Buro readers have inspired us to scratch the surface by seeking out expert opinions from the belif team all the way in Korea, that may shine some light if you're still navigating your way through these terms, or reset what you think you already know about hydrating vs mosturising products.


Hydration vs Moisturisation: The real deal

"First up, hydrating products are specially formulated to increase water content in our skin cells. By doing so, it plumps the skin, making it smoother along the way.

"Usually, hydrating products contain humectants to absorb water from its surroundings to effectively hydrate normal skin. But when it comes to dehydrated and oily skin, excess sebum is produced and hence, you'll need to opt for hydrating products that are also lightweight in texture to balance the skin's condition while keeping it hydrated from within."

"Moisturising products on the other hand can also include hydrating ingredients and humectants just like hydrating products. The key difference is that they also contain emollients that create a moisturising skin barrier to prevent moisture evaporation from the skin. And since dry skin has a low level of sebum that forms a protective skin barrier, additional use of a moisturising product is required here to bump up protection for the skin."


How do I know what's best for my skin?

You'll need a hydrating product when...

  • 1. The skin surface is oily and shiny.
  • 2. You have large, visibly uneven pores.
  • 3. It's a challenge to get your makeup to stay on for most of the day.
  • 4. Your skin tone seems dull and 'darker' over time.
  • 5. You occasionally suffer from acne due to excess sebum clogging your pores.


Try: belif The True Cream - Aqua Bomb to instantly replenish the loss of water in your skin.


You'll need a moisturising product when...

  • 1. The skin feels very taut after cleansing.
  • 2. You experience the occasional scabs and flakiness of the skin.
  • 3. Pores are rarely visible.
  • 4. Your skin feels tight and slightly parched around the eye and mouth areas, and fine lines are quite visible around these delicate areas.
  • 5. You experience caking in some areas around the face when it applying your makeup.


Try: belif The True Cream - Moisturizing Bomb for up to 26 hours of intense hydration for the skin.


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