Electric Blue Makeup for Asian Eyes is a Do

Top tips from the pro

Electric Blue Makeup for Asian Eyes is a Do
Celebrity makeup artist-lecturer-makeup pro Cat Yong’s expert tips on how to dazzle from desk to drinks in the most vibrant shades of blue

For the eyes

Most Asian eyes tend to look a little puffier and lack the dimension you'll find in deep-set Caucasian eyes. But that's not to say you can't wear blue - in fact, a darker shade of blue is flattering and pops beautifully against most Asian skin tones.

Tip: Apply the midnight blue shade at the outer corners of your eyes, blending it in with the dazzling turquoise and finally, a touch of scintillating white at the inner corners for instantly bigger-looking eyes. Define the shape of your eyes by lining the lower lash lines with the sultry black shade.

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Try: Les 4 Ombres Tissé Jazz, RM200 (L-R: dazzling turquoise, scintillating white, sultry black, midnight blue)

Tip: When it comes to eyeshadow quads, I recommend using your fingertips to apply the colour because it's quicker and gives you better control, especially when it comes to blending the colour over your lids to give you a natural gradient effect. 

Tip: If you want something a little more understated for day, try applying a soft layer of dazzling turquoise all over the lids. A slick of black eyeliner, when applied as close as possible to the lash lines, instantly makes eyes look more awake!

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Tip: Alternatively, you could do away with the eyeshadow altogether, and opt for a stunning metallic indigo eyeliner instead. This gives you a bold, yet wearable look for day. Prep eyes with a primer and dab on a little concealer to create an even canvas for the eyeliner - you'll realise colour stays on for longer too. Especially for Asian eyes, slightly thicker eyeliners will give the illusion of bigger eyes. 

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Try: Ligne Graphique Dream Blue, RM112  

Tip: A quick way to transform a day look for night is to use a dark pencil liner to line the lower lash lines and gently blend the colour with your finger. Add a layer of dark blue eyeshadow for added drama and intensity. A few lashings of a bold turquoise blue mascara will instantly 'dress up' the look. 

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Try: Cils Scintillants Jazzy Blue Mascara 

For the lips

Let your eyes do the talking, and keep the rest of your makeup understated. The Gloss Volume lip maximiser is all you need - it revives your natural lip colour, plumps them for hours and gives you a high-voltage shine.

For the nails

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Don't worry about the matchy-matchy factor when it comes to dark colours. This vibrant blue in Fortissimo literally goes with any outfit - but add extra interest to your look with the Vibrato shade that's just as wearable, yet in a shade of blue that's little more unexpected.

The Blue Rhythm De Chanel Collection will be available at the Chanel Fragrance & Beauty Boutique at 1 Utama, Sunway Pyramid, Gurney Plaza, JB Komtar and at Chanel counters at all leading departmental stores from 15 July onwards.

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