Cheat Sheet: Bobbi Brown's 'Five Minute Makeup'

Cheat Sheet: Bobbi Brown's 'Five Minute Makeup'

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Text: Terry Saw

The master of understated, natural makeup – a look practically every other A-lister favours these days – shows us how it’s done, with enough time left for a morning cuppa

If you only have a few minutes in the morning, the 'Five Minute Makeup' routine is a great option because it has all the basics for a natural beauty look. Plus it's quick and easy with these application tips:  


Minute 1: Moisturise

Cheat Sheet: Bobbi Brown's 'Five Minute Makeup' (фото 1)

Begin by gently massaging moisturiser into the skin. It replenishes the skin with a boost of hydration and helps even out and soften the skin, ensuring a flawless makeup application. Then, apply concealer under the eyes for an instantly refreshed appearance. Concealer works by lightening under-eye darkness so use a skin-tone correct formula that's one or two shades lighter than your foundation.

Try: Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream, RM212 and Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener, RM116

 Minute 2: Spot apply foundation

Cheat Sheet: Bobbi Brown's 'Five Minute Makeup' (фото 2) 

Apply only where skin needs to be evened out, usually around the nose and mouth areas. Foundation should make you look like you have even-toned, great-looking skin.

Try: Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick, RM155 each

Minute 3: Apply blusher

Cheat Sheet: Bobbi Brown's 'Five Minute Makeup' (фото 3)

A pop of pink blush on the cheeks is a simple and quick way to instantly freshen up your look. It adds a hint of color and really makes the face come alive. To find your most flattering shade, pinch your cheeks and look at the color that they turn.

Try: Bobbi Brown Blush, RM103 each

 Minute 4: Enhance the eyes

 Cheat Sheet: Bobbi Brown's 'Five Minute Makeup' (фото 4)

Make your eyes stand out with two or three coats of very black mascara.

Try: Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara, RM103

Minute 5: Play up your lips

Cheat Sheet: Bobbi Brown's 'Five Minute Makeup' (фото 5)

Apply lipstick or gloss in a shade that mimics the natural color of your lips for an instantly polished and pulled together look.

Try: Bobbi Brown Lip Colour, RM93

Click here to find a Bobbi Brown store closest to you.

Watch the video: Bobbi Brown does naturally-pretty in under two minutes!

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