Celebrity stylist Paul Norton reveals his top hair tricks of the season

Celebrity stylist Paul Norton reveals his top hair tricks of the season

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JOICO ambassador and stylist to the stars Paul Norton spills all: from transformation tips to everyday tricks that halves the time you take to get ready

#1: Switch it up - completely 

"The trick to refreshing your look - whether your hair is short, medium or long - is to approach styling it the complete opposite way you normally would.

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"If you normally straighten your hair, try curling it with an iron or wearing it naturally, using Joico Hair Shake to ace that tousled effect. If you normally sport curls or waves, try a classic blow out or straighten it out with a flat iron and use K-Pak Protect And Shine Serum to polish the ends and tame the flyaways as well as leaving it silky smooth to the touch." 


#2: If all fails, go for the timeless look

"A high, large messy bun is a look and shape that fits into pretty much any scenario and looks great at every occasion. Depending on whether you want to look more pulled together or carefree, the answer lies within the texture in which you use when forming the bun.

"First, start off with a very sleek and tidy ponytail; the higher on top of the head the better. Next split the ponytail into two parts and either use the hair shake on the two parts to create rough texture or some power gel if you prefer a sleeker effect from roots to ends.

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"Next, twist the two parts together until you reach the very end and secure the ends with an elastic. Then, begin to twist the entire twisted piece around until it starts to gather itself at the base and use large French hair pins to confine it the base. Feel free to manipulate the hair with your fingers to increase the bulk of and texture of the bun. Next finish it with flip turn hairspray."   

#3: Master the 'gentle bend'

"It's all about that lived in, undone yet super chic feeling mostly seen on the grown out lob, which also works well with most cuts.

"Using a beveled flat iron, take small sections starting in the back or bottom of the head and using firm tension from roots to end, drag the flat iron over the hair as if you were creating a snake like effect, up a couple inches the down a couple inches until you reach the last inch or two of the hair. Make sure you leave the ends out for a more raw effect. At each section, switch how you start the bends, some start going up some start going down so that the effect is not as uniform as you might get from a curling iron."

#4: Healthy hair is a DO  

"The best way to maintain healthy hair is to pay close attention to the cleansing and conditioning of your hair. Trying to not over wash and perhaps introducing a co-wash as an alternative to you regular shampoo and conditioner, yet regularly using a deep condition. Try the K-Pak Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor as recommended to maintain hair health without having to cut so frequently."

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#5: Learn the 3-minute hair trick

"A sleek ponytail with a simple wave throughout always wins and is simple to achieve. Just use a little power gel to help gather the hair into the ponytail and regardless where you put it - high, in the middle or lower on your head, it will instantly look like chic and put together. Use a medium to large curling iron to create a simple wave in the hair and finish it with Joico Hair Shake. The contradiction between the sleek base and the rough pony with sure to please the eye!"


#6: Make an effort
"Always do something! No matter what you feel like when you wake up, you must approach the day by sprucing yourself up in some way, shape or form. Ideally, we all would love an in-home glam squad to get us looking great at the start of every day but it's as simple as picking one to three priorities to pamper yourself each and every day.

"A little curling iron action with a light amount of product and a dab of lipstick or blush will carry you into your day so much better and you will see the world looks receives you much better and you will even begin to walk and carry yourself with more confidence. Never just wake up and run out the door, it tells the world that it's okay to not care about you because you clearly don't care about yourself."


Quick hair transformations by Paul Norton 

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