The beauty checklist you need for an island getaway

The beauty checklist you need for an island getaway

Get your tan on

Text: Wei Yeen Loh

A list of new beauty essentials you need to check off your list before embarking on a tropical vacation

Since we're embarking on our first #BuroRoadTrip this week to Ipoh and Penang, it occurred to us that a beauty checklist should be a mandatory reference while packing for a quick getaway. As Penang's slighter hotter-than-average temperatures might just wreak a tad bit of havoc on your skin, be sure to check out solutions to keep your skin happy in the sweltering weather. Other very useful tips include slapping on copious amounts of sunscreen and making sure you know how to get that undeniable glow for a barrage of selfies. But first, let us get on to a list of holiday must-haves to pack in your beauty bag to always keep your skin in check.


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